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A Nutrient-rich Superfood Powder
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Your Fast and Easy Way To Improve Your Athletic Performance
Nutrient-rich Superfood based performance powder that combines vitamins and minerals with specially chosen high-impact amino acids.
Get Better Results From Your Training:
  • Quick: Get unmistakable results within 2 weeks
  • Easy: Don't stress over meal prep, simply have a Turbo shake 30 minutes before your workout
  • Healthy: Full of antioxidants and gives you a nutrient rich superfood body boost  
  • Powerful: This unique combination of amino acids and nutrients provides all  the body needs to perform at its best
  • Unique: Turbo Superfoods is the only supplement that provides these powerful ingredients all in the one place in an easy to take, easy to absorb way 
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Improve Your Performance
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Get Better Results
One Supplement To Power Your Workouts & Recovery

"I felt an immediate impact on my leg endurance"

 I used Turbo Superfoods for the first time this morning 30min before my 5km run. I felt an immediate impact on my leg endurance which enabled me to maintain my pace throughout the total distance. Placebo effect?? Definitely not! This stuff is the goods!!
- Jeff Scott

"I found I had so much more energy"

I noticed the amazing results from the performance and recovery powder as soon as I started using it, when I would usually get tired doing a 5km run I found I had so much more energy and able to keep powering through right until the end and during hard Crossfit work outs noticed a huge change in my stamina and ability to keep pushing til the end. Love it. Thanks
- Stacey Carter

"I noticed definite increases in my lifts over the last 4 weeks"

I have been doing Crossfit for about 3 years. I have recently introduced Turbo Performance & Recovery Powder, while dropping generic protein powders. Where there hasn't been a lot of movement in the last year, I noticed definite increases in my lifts over the last 4 weeks including the Clean 4kg, Snatch 10kg, Overhead Squat 10kg, Bench Press 7.5kg and Strict Shoulder Press 14kg.
- Zac Anver

"Turbo Superfoods is AMAZING"

Turbo Superfoods is AMAZING. I have only been using Turbo Superfoods for about four weeks now and I can already tell a huge difference. Not only has it improved my energy levels during my workouts but it's improved my recovery process as well. I'm hooked on Turbo Superfoods and truly believe in the product. I'm so excited to see how my performance will improve in this years OCR season as a result of Super Turbo foods. Count me in as a lifelong customer from here on out :)
- Stephanie Corben

"An awesome, even brilliant all natural product"

I've been through 3-4 tubs of Turbo Performance & Recovery Powder in the last 5 months and to just say it's good would be an insult! Turbo Superfoods is an awesome, even brilliant all natural product that I've been using before training/ running or even when I don't have that get up ad go before work. This is by far the best product on the market that doesn't spike but does exactly what it says it will. You can't go wrong.
- Tepene Rupata
Made in Australia with the highest quality ingredients - Designed, Blended and Packaged by Turbo Group Pty. Ltd.